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Reviews For Unstoppable

Name: azzurra (Signed) · Date: Apr 28, 2011 03:39 PM · For: Chapter 15
sad this is the last chapter but I know you guys are gonna do a sequel! We need to see Bill & Laura kick Zareks arse! Brilliant end to one of my favourite stories x

Name: azzurra (Signed) · Date: Apr 28, 2011 03:39 PM · For: Chapter 15
sad this is the last chapter but I know you guys are gonna do a sequel! We need to see Bill & Laura kick Zareks arse! Brilliant end to one of my favourite stories x

Author's Response:

We always have to leave readers dangling from a cliff!  And there will be more to come for sure!


Name: lidarose13 (Signed) · Date: Apr 26, 2011 08:18 AM · For: Chapter 15
Another winner and how clever to set up the next installment with Tom answering the phone. Time for Bill to make his first Roslin Industries decision and send him packing to work anywhere but the house.

Brilliant, sexy and romantic with the right amount of humor. Love the picture you paint of the era and the city.

More, more, more.

Kindest regards,

Author's Response:

We're happy to share this story with readers, and your encouragement keeps us going.  It's great to hear our little teases are catching your attention for the next stories!


Name: AR90 (Signed) · Date: Apr 25, 2011 11:38 PM · For: Chapter 15
Seeing as this is the last chapter of one of my favourite AR fics ever, I thought I’d bore you with my thoughts typed out as I read. Enjoy :P

Ha! Yet another nice canon tie-in with the memory exercises. That’s one (of the many) things that makes your fics so great; they dove-tail with canon so smoothly!

That’s awesome. I love how attentive Bill is to Laura’s expressions!

*fox whistles* You guys write Laura-the-Seductress so dang well! Poor Bill – doesn’t he know resistance futile?

*wipes brow* That was one hot desk-frak! And brilliant touch with the “Life’s a bitch and then you die” line. Nice little double entendre there, eh – ‘little death’, ‘n’ all.

Oh boy… Ellen. It’s neat to see how you bring this story-line up to the start of the last one.

Wow, you two. This was such an awesome ride!! There are still so many questions, though! When will Bill and Laura tell each other about their families? When does Laura meet Lee and Zak? The mysterious smitten maid – I was told to keep an eye on her… :P And, of course, that suspicious phone call! Any chance for another instalment in the Adams-verse??

Sequel or no, it’s been such a pleasure reading your fic, you guys! Thank you so much for your dedicated efforts and your awesome talent. Honest to goodness your fic helped get me through the insane exam period! Hope to see more from you guys soon!

Author's Response:

Hope you got those exams done before reading and reviewing!  ;)

Aussie thought of the memory exercise and I loved it.  He'd really need that in a house full of servants!

Aussie mocks me though, for doing the Seductress Laura, but hell, if I had Grumpy Bill right there, that'd be the first thought on my mind!  

It felt odd to write Ellen with her death right around the corner!

Yes, there will be more in this universe and I'll say all your questions will be answered eventually.  :D

Name: A4R (Signed) · Date: Apr 25, 2011 06:00 PM · For: Chapter 15
Thanks for sharing more of this fun and entertaining adams-verse. Love Bill and Laura's courtship and marriage and am sad to see it end. You have left so many loose ends: Bill and Laura's reluctance to talk about their pasts, how will Bill deal with all of Laura's wealth, and the mysterious phone call that the evil Zarek had to end the story. I'm hoping that means there will be a sequel? Thank you both for all of your time, effort, and creativity that you share with your readers. It is truly appreciated.

Author's Response:

Yes, more to come!  Not loose ends, but teasers!  

Truly, we love writing these stories and it's great that others enjoy reading them.


Name: Madi92 (Signed) · Date: Apr 25, 2011 05:30 AM · For: Chapter 15
Is it the end? I love this story? Guess I have to read Unbreakable

Author's Response:

The end of this story, but there'll be more to come for sure! 


Name: Princess Arinayed (Signed) · Date: Apr 20, 2011 11:10 AM · For: Chapter 14

Whoa!! Elosha has he own key?! Makes me wonder lol

Author's Response:

Elosha is a woman of the world.  It's all in the turban.


Name: azzurra (Signed) · Date: Apr 19, 2011 02:48 PM · For: Chapter 14
"It's not going in there. It's going in the regular place."

Love Bill's view on that certain, ahem, act! Were you influenced by Shunga by any chance regarding these art cards? Not that I know alot about erotic art of course, cough cough, seriously though it was the octopus one that jogged my memory from my study days!
Another fab chapter as always and cannot wait for more x x

Author's Response:

It was funny to try and describe the acts through their eyes.  Yes, I put an end notes on about Shunga for those readers who're unschooled in Japanese erotic art!  I mean, they are quite lovely, giant body parts aside! 


Name: AR90 (Signed) · Date: Apr 19, 2011 05:22 AM · For: Chapter 14
Ahaha! Hot damn! I wish I had time to leave a thoughtful review, but I'm rushing on my way out to my last exam this morning! What a fantastic way to begin my day, though!
More later.... thanks you guys! Brilliant stuff!

Author's Response:

I"m just glad we could give you some intellectual reading to reflect upon before exams!  :D


Name: azzurra (Signed) · Date: Apr 16, 2011 04:13 PM · For: Chapter 13
OMG Laura has porn lol. Cannot wait to see Bill's reaction to her "artwork", you so have to write a whole chapter dedicated to this hint hint! Can't wait for the next chapter x x x x

Author's Response:

We've had a lot of fun doing our 'research'!   The history we're learning from writing this story!


Name: AR90 (Signed) · Date: Apr 15, 2011 10:27 PM · For: Chapter 13
I am *so* ready to flog Zarek and the press for Bill and Laura! Pesky weasels all of them!

Ahaha! "So the hoity-toity look at nudey magazines too?" I literally laughed out loud at that line. And Laura's response was perfect. I have to say, though, that I'm mildly amused at how Laura happened upon perfect technique. :P

Author's Response:

Well of course they're perfect at it first time out!  This is fanfic! Besides, remember the old saying, there's no such thing as a bad BJ!  


Name: A4R (Signed) · Date: Apr 10, 2011 11:08 PM · For: Chapter 12
So much to love here. First, every time I drive down Virginia Street I will think of Bill and Laura getting married. Swimming in frigid Lake Tahoe must be experienced to know just how hot Bill Adams must be to keep Laura warm. But the way you ended this chapter with Bill's dismay at the reality of his married life with Laura is so full of potential. Bill is truly a fish out of water and Laura doesn't have a clue. Keep up the great work, ladies.

Author's Response:

Another NV reader!  I can see Bill being one of those tough skinned men who can swim in frigid water!  Me, I'm the Laura who needs 85 degrees.  

And then Bill's the one taking the icy plunge!  But I have faith in him!


Name: Nixmom (Signed) · Date: Apr 10, 2011 08:35 PM · For: Chapter 12
Holy skinny dip Batman! Loved the morning after sex. Hated the press...ruining perfectly good honeymoon sex! I think I was as frustrated as Bill!. And then to arrive back home and here we are again at slightly awkward. The whole of her staff and friends seem to have believed she has lost her mind. If only they knew what good people Bill is. I'm sure that they will give him a chance lest Miss Ros...Mrs. Adams become displeased. Bill meeting the press could be a triumph...or have disaster written all over it. Can't wait to see which way you take that. always I am grateful for your updates. Love the Adams-verse:)

Author's Response:

Slightly awkward is the right term!  Ol' Tom's up to something for sure. 

A clue--remember how well Bill's first news conference went.  *snicker*

But we hope you'll enjoy it!


Name: azzurra (Signed) · Date: Apr 10, 2011 05:16 PM · For: Chapter 12
Bloody press ruining the honeymoon! Can't wait to see how Bill is going to handle having servants and seperate bedrooms lol.

Author's Response:

It's been fun to show the sort of crazy press a Laura Roslin would have attracted, even if it makes Bill grumpy.  All the more opportunity to be manly!  And no worries, he can handle some servants.  He's captained ship crews, after all.  :D


Name: AR90 (Signed) · Date: Apr 10, 2011 04:43 PM · For: Chapter 12
*fans self* Wow! Dynamite chapter, you guys! I need a tall glass of cold water after this one! Seriously? Bill in snug swimming trunks? Are you trying to kill us?! Haha :P

Hehe, I love that one of the young maids is as smitten by Bill as we are, lol! :D

"But this man didn't even look as though he'd graduated high school." - I was actually getting defensive on Bill's behalf when I read this!

Hm, I see we're approaching "Unbreakable" now, what with the separate rooms issue and all. :( But I don't want it to end! Still I can't wait for the next chapter. :)

Thanks for a great read!


P.S. Wait, by the time we get to "Unbreakable" Bill has chic (and clingy!) sweaters and slacks... here's hoping we get to see Laura dress Bill up before this fic is through! (...and maybe see how long Laura can last before she has to tear it all off him again... ;) )

Author's Response:

We'd promised a smutty prequel and we finally got over the hump! (so to speak)

Keep an eye on that maid--that's a spoiler.  ;)

I wondered if the HS line was too harsh, but then I thought, let's go with it, because the characters don't know each other yet.  Emily's going to find out the truth soon enough. 

We're got three more chapters mapped out to take us right up to where Unbreakable starts.  We'll see if we hold to that plan, but it's in place for now.  So yes, Bill has some clothes shopping to do.  :D


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